Are you “sick and tried” of being “sick and tired?” Are you overwhelmed with your life or your people? Roxanne shares 101 Life-Giving daily devotions filled with powerful truths to help the reader live in more abundance and wholeness. B R E A T H E !

Bully Buster Journal Book

Bullying Is Waging War On Our Children…

The Bully Buster Journal is a battle plan for the bullied, that helps kids like Andy deal with conflict the rest of their life.
The affects of Bullying know no boundaries, it is wreaking havoc on all our future generations. It causes stress, depression and even death. Those who suffer as victims of bullying, whether young or old, NEED HELP.
We believe The Bully Buster Journal answers this global problem!
When People Pray Book

“This is one of the most significant books on prayer I’ve read in my lifetime.” 
—Dick Eastman

“God, don’t take my little girl. Please don’t take her. Please, God!”
As Brian Alarid cried out on a hospital floor for his daughter’s life in May of 2016, he had no idea God was about to use him to ignite an international prayer movement.

The SALE PRICE is valid through June 20, 2020!!  Get your copy now!!

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